Wednesday, November 21, 2012

COF Matchbox Ornament Swap

The theme of November's COF swap was a matchbox ornament with some goodies (or a scene) stuffed inside.  I had never worked with altering a matchbox, so I thought it would be fun to try.  It is a refreshing change working with a small format and I enjoyed the challenge it presented.  I also decided to go a little crazy and mix some silver and gold!  Wowza, I know to some of you out there, but I think it worked out alright!  I wanted to put a scene on the inside of my box, but when I went to look for some images, I realized that I really only have crazy off the wall stuff and nothing that would even remotely relate to Christmas, soooo, I just decided to go ahead and stuff the box.  I put in about a yard of eyelash fiber yarn, a couple of buttons and some silver sequin stars, the same that I used on the front of the box.  You can see the back of the box (on the red one) I chose to put a little extra bling back there too.  I can't wait to send these off and see what great creations I'll get back.

PS.  The clean art room that I posted a couple of posts a total disastrous mess.  Not only have I covered all work surfaces already, but my two year old son has discovered it as well.  Ah well, it was nice a clean once and I even have pictures to prove it! :)

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