Sunday, October 9, 2011

Halloween Card Party

So yesterday I had a card party/exchange at my house.  What is a card party, you might be asking?  Well, everyone that attends makes a card in a design and makes enough of them to give one to each person that attends.  Each person that attends does this and at the end each person leaves with cards in lots of different layouts and designs. It's way fun!  At least for a geeky card maker like me!  It was my first attempt at having a card party and I got a lot accomplished during it, two other friends attended and even though it was a small group, we had a lot of fun.  It of course was a Halloween/Fall theme and I shared out all of my supplies for everyone to use.  I ended up making 5 different designs and 6 each of the design.  I made them all square format because that is my latest obsession, it just lends itself so well to nice layouts.  Looking at them now, I see that I liked the bat and moon elements this year, as they are used on half the designs! The party was a good time and I'm planning on having another one next month right before Thanksgiving for those that would like to come and make holiday/Christmas cards. I'll keep those that are interested up on the date once I decide.