Sunday, February 5, 2012

ATC Party

This weekend I was able to host another fabulously fun ATC party!  It had been four years since our last one, way too long, and we hope to do this again sooner than 4 years from now.  We had a wonderful time, a lot of great food and wine and we spent hours creating some way awesome and over the top ATCs.  LOVED every minute of it!  I am currently participating in an Alpha Stamps swap, "Naughty Valentines" and thought that the theme was so great that I had it as the surprise theme for the swap party.  The ladies had a great time with this theme and some AWESOME cards were created!  I don't have photos of them all, but here are few of some of them that were created.  I can't wait for the next time we can all get together and create!

Valentine's day cards

Today I had an opportunity to get some more creative time and make some Valentine's day cards.  I of course always make way more of them than I actually need to send out, but I love making them, so it's hard for me to stop.  So far I've gotten 5 styles done, and have a couple more planned.  I'm sure this will come as no shocker to anyone that knows me, but I think the robot one is my favorite!  It's not the best picture, so it's hard to see the fine glittery details, but you can still get an overall impression.  I have plans to make a few more, so I'll hopefully get a chance to do that and I'll post them if and when I get them done.