Saturday, January 4, 2014

My Pinteresting Break

So I decided to be productive with my winter break, for once. :)  I have been, over the past year, pinning a lot of great things on Pinterest and I figured it was about time to get down and dirty and get a couple of them accomplished.

It all started out with trying to do a snow globe.  My attempt was absolutely pathetic and not even worth taking a picture.  One of the pins I read suggested using tinsel glitter.  I must have used too much or something because it just did not at all work out.  So back to the drawing board on that one...

I did however, have a couple of other attempts at my replicas or own modified versions of pins that I felt to be much more successful and I would like to share them with you.

Success #1 -- A growth chart measurement ruler

Above, you can see the example of my finished work.  The original pin can be found on my "Cute Stuff for Kids" board. (user name should be found under Monica Light-Dase on Pinterest if you'd like to see the original pin)

I pretty much followed the plan that was linked to the blog identically in the layout of the measurements and even down to the font style that was suggested.  I really like how this one turned out and I can't wait to start using it with my little guy now that it has been mounted to the wall.

Success #2 -- Shirt bleached with negative shape/masked shape

The original pin that inspired me for this is found on my "Crafts" board, pretty far down on the board because this is something that I pinned nearly a year ago.

The original image was associated with The Hunger Games, but i decided to go much more simple.  I drew and cut out a heart from a piece of heavy weight card stock to use to block the negative space on the design.  (as an art teacher, I am choosing to call the shape the "negative shape" for terms of reference but I do know that an argument can be made for the reverse...)

I used a dark heather grey t-shirt that I've had for quite some time and used bleach to create the distressed coloring effect.  Bonus that it looks reddish (because of the color of the shirt) on a heart shape...

I was so pleased with the outcome of this, that I tried my own variation on it...

Success (to be determined) #3 -- Shirts with negative space color splatters

Being an art teacher, I just had to try my hand at creating this idea that I had...

I wanted to try the idea of the negative space with a simple word and instead of bleach, use color.  I pick up some MDF letters from Michael's along with a pack of neon colored fabric paint spray bottles.  Initially I was pleased with the results, but once the shirts dried (the picture above is them just after spraying and removing the letters), I was a little disappointed in how much the color had faded on the grey shirt... I repositioned the letters and sprayed again on the grey shirt.  So this is it now with two dried layers of color.  I also felt the white shirt, once the color had dried and faded a bit, that it was lacking a bit, so I outlined the letters on this one with sharpie in a very rough style to make the letters pop more.  I will see how well the color sticks once I'm able to wash them.  The directions say to wait for 72 hours after applying before you do so.

Success #4 -- Word Art on Canvas

The last project I will share with you today are these three word art panels.  I believe the original pin can also be found on my "Craft" board.  The idea behind this project is to choose a word and a color and paint the word and background the same color.

I had a couple of varieties of sizes of canvas available for me to use and I purchased the precut words from Michaels.  Originally I had wanted to use individual wooden letters, but the selection they had was definitely lacking and I wasn't able to complete a single word I was looking to do, nor were they of the correct size, so I went with these pre-cut words.  

I painted the canvases separate from the words and then adhered the two together.  I changed the location of the word on the canvas for some visual interest, rather than have them all lined up in the same spot on each surface.    I like how this turned out, the orange looks a little garish in this picture, but it works in this combo.

So, that's all I've got for right now.  I would say that I had a pretty productive break this time around!