Wednesday, September 21, 2011

September COF Swap

Another swap completed!  This month, September's swap, is hosted by me, and of course I picked Halloween for my topic (no big surprise there!).  Recently I was at the Renaissance fair in our area, and while there, saw these fun "Skeleton Fairies".  I almost bought one, but for the price they were asking, I couldn't really stomach it, knowing that I could make my own custom one for a fraction of the price. (that seems to be my problem a lot.  I love to support other artists, but sometimes I just end up making my own version, either directly or indirectly influenced).  Anyways, I wanted to make a Halloween themed fairy, so here it is.  I found these great Monarch butterflies to use and gave a orange and iridescent halo along with (which is hard to see) a sparkly black "Boo!" sign in the left hand.  I finished it off with a leather cord for hanging.  I had a lot of fun making these and I hope the COF gals like them too! 


  1. OMG he is absolutely fabulous! I am so glad i joined this swap.

  2. Oh wow, I LOVE your Skeleton Fairy...very spooky and oh so cool!!