Monday, September 5, 2011

Busy, busy, busy!

Yikes, so I just looked at the last date I posted somthing on here, nearly two months ago!!!  Shameful!  Not really I guess, but I've really fallen off the wagon with posting.  You know how it goes though, I've been so crazy busy with so much stuff going on that I've been buried and am trying desperately to dig myself out of a hole. 

Anyways, so what have I been up to lately?  More needle felting!  I am signed up to do two craft fairs, one at the end of this month and another at the start of next.  I LOVE love love Halloween and all the cutesy, crazy stuff that comes out around this time of year and I decided that since I love it so much, why not just primarly focus on it for the items I'm making for the fairs.  Here is a pic of some of the needle felted creations that I've been working on this past week or so.  I actually really like them (which I don't say very often at all about anything I make) with the exception of the witch's head.  She ended up getting too big and needs to get refined a bit more, nor did she photograph very well.  I've also been up to making a whole crapload of mini cards to sell as well, I'll post some of those soon.  What do you guys think of the felted creations?  I'm planning stiching a type of bail on it and using them as the focal pendant on a necklace. 

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