Saturday, May 21, 2011

A challenge to myself

I've thought about this before, but haven't had the guts or fortitude to actually try it.  So here goes, for everyone to witness, here is my challenge to myself (which if I can actually do it, my husband will love...)

I challenge myself to NOT purchase any new product, with the exception of solid-colored cardstock, for the term of one month.  So that means I would not be permitted to purchase any fun new paper or any type of embellishment until June 22nd.  That includes in the stores and online.  Cardstock is the only thing tha would be allowed if necessary so that way I could actually make the cards to use up what I have now.  Whatever I want to make, I need to make from my current stockpile of stuff.  Granted, that shouldn't be too hard because I have a TON of stuff.  I'm a paper junkie! 

Whew, that will be tough for me.  I will need to stay out of the stores and away from my favorite sites! I'll keep you posted on how I do!

1 comment:

  1. hahaha...I tried something simliar last journal rotation. Told myself ot only use things in my current stash...that didn't go so well. I wish you luck!