Monday, February 18, 2013

Winter Jar Swap

Caroline, over at Glitter Tart Designs, hosted her first jar swap, with a winter theme.  I love everything that this super talented girl does, so I of course had to join in!  Plus ever since seeing an artist at Alpha Stamps (Nicola, I'm sure I probably spelled her name wrong, sorry!) do small little jar scenes (and I'm talking small), I have been utterly fascinated with trying it on my own.

Here is an overall look at what I created...

I ended up using a rather large sized jar, in fact I purchased the Ball Art Jar just for this purpose...but honestly I would say that I was disappointed with the quality of the jar, and won't be using another one for something like this in the future.  It wasn't poured very well and is very wavy and warpy, which I didn't realize until I started putting my image into it and by that time, it was too late to do anything about it unfortunately... (live and learn right?!)

I wanted to add some pizzaz to the top of the jar, so I adhered some white felt, painted and glittered a chipboard snowflake and rimmed the top with a sliver braided fiber.

Inside of the jar, I put a vintage image of a lady decked out for the cold weather that I found and emphasized the feathers in her hat through the addition of tall white feathers in the background.  I used some iridescent buffalo snow on the base inside and also on the fluff around her neck.  I added some pearl stick pins to add a little variety to the colors and textures found inside.  

The bottom of the jar on the outside, I used the more of the fiber and another added another snowflake, accented the snowflake with a pearl (to tie in with the inside) and instead of white felt, used a white gathered crepe paper to finish the bottom of the jar and to disguise the lid.  I have really been fond of using crepe paper lately, I think it really adds a lot of nice volume easily.  

I was partnered with Tabitha who can be found at Kluckingbear.  She created this wonderful jar scene for me that I absolutely LOVE.  The pictures just do not even do it justice, but I will let her explain her work on her blog, but I wanted to give you a sneak peak of it!  



  1. Oh how darling! I love how both of them turned out ~ just so pretty! Wasn't it fun to play with sparkling glitter to help make everything "frosty"? I think I enjoyed that part the most!

  2. I love them! Such wonderful work. :)

  3. Both jars are great! I love the snowy mantle the woman is wearing in yours! Great details!

  4. I love your image and the pins are a perfect addition, they remind me of hat pins (very apropriate for your image). sorry you didn't like the quality of your jar, but now I will make sure I double check that if I ever buy a jar (I recycle LOL).

    What a fun little glittered bird you received. It is so much fun to see everyone's different take on the swap!

    Thanks for joining in