Saturday, February 22, 2014

Valentines day decorations

I had a few extra days I got to spend at home this past month or so because of the weather we've been having so I decided it was a perfect time to get my craft on!  I had pinned some valentines decorations from Pinterest and I wanted to make my own versions of the ideas. I have in the past created my own paper mache letters, but for convenience this time I decided to go ahead and use the pre-made versions from the craft store. Here's what I ended up making and they fit pretty nicely on the mantel. 

The XOXO has valentines themed scrap paper covering them and the smaller LOVE I painted a pale pink and chalked the edges with a darker pink. I also was inspired by a cute banner I saw and here's my version of that. 

Overall they I was happy with how they turned out, but would definitely change how I had strung the pieces of the banner. They ended up getting a bit unruly and didn't hang as nicely as I would have hoped. 

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