Sunday, July 7, 2013

COF Journal Swap

I am participating in the latest round of the COF "journal" swap.  I am using journal in quotes because my contribution this time really isn't a journal, but instead a set of empty boxes that each participant in this round is tasked with creating an inner world in.  The outside of the box (and sorry, I don't have any pictures of them) is just a plain rectangular, approx 4"6" white surface.  The inside and the outside can be designed/decorated/embellished in whatever way each person would like to.  I chose to keep my outside pretty plain, not really giving away any of what you would find in the interior...

Here is a picture of the outside with just a litte peek into the interior.  I chose a contrasting/complementary color scheme for the outside vs. the inside and used some leftovers I had from some collage sheets from Alpha Stamps and Art Chix.  And here is the inside...

Again I used the central image and text/supporting images from an Alpha Stamps Collage sheet.  She is from a Paris Showgirls sheet I believe...?  I've been really into using feathers lately, so I wanted to integrate those somehow and I used a lot of blingy paper and glitz.  The outside of the box seems demure, but inside this is an explosion of glam.  (the picture isn't doing that great of a job of capturing it...)  Here's another angle...

I wanted the central image to really take the stage, so I put a good thickness of dimensional foam behind her and also on the phrase plate at the bottom too.  I rimmed the inside of the box edges with a holographic paper so it acts almost as a mirror ( you can see that effect in the picture above this one) and extra light catcher.

So....I enjoyed working on this one a lot and think I will do a few more of these.  When I get the other pieces back from the participants in this round, I will post all of them for viewing!

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  1. Oh I love the colors and the stripes coming out from behind her are awesome! I am almost done with mine, glue drying on the inside and paint on the outside. This one was fun!